Top Wedding Video Ideas For Shooting The Big Day

Wedding videography is money-making yet nerve-wracking. Couples expect you to get iconic shots (the vows, kiss and dance) and you only have one shot at each. If it all sounds daunting, don’t fret. Below are steps you can take to shoot awesome wedding footage.

Focus on the Couple

It’s their day, but don’t neglect the rest of the bridal party. From the groomsmen and bridesmaids to the proud parents, make room for everyone to shine. With everyone in the mix, your video will be memorable to all.

No Home Movie

Holding the camera for an entire day and ending up with hours of footage won’t make for a stellar video. Instead, build a story. Start with the photos of your vacation. Think how you can tell a story using these snapshots, then translate it to a video. We got this tip from the Invisage Studios’ wedding videography page. Book a discovery call with Invisage Studios for more details on their packages & services.

Get Close

Close-ups capture the emotions on people’s faces but keep your distance since no one will give you genuine reactions if they notice they’re on camera. To capture details at a distance, use a telephoto lens, like Canon 70-200mm – a beloved workhorse for videographers.

Vary the Angles

Shoot everything at different angles. When you see something fascinating, find a few unique ways to record it and look for alternative views – reflections in mirrors or shooting through flowers. Using foreground objects adds a sense of depth to the scene.

Fun Tip: Watch for the Unexpected

From an iPhone-wielding aunty popping into the frame to a booze-head uncle blocking your cam, anything can happen and ruin your day plus video. So always be on the lookout as your camera rolls.

Don’t Overdo Slow-Mo

Slow-motion is essential but monotonous if you overdo it. A slow-mo of the first jig or flower toss is perfect, but a vid with everyone moving in slow-mo eventually becomes tiresome. Less is more, so restrain yourself and the effect will come out really well.

4K and Future-Proofing

When shooting in 4K, make that footage look great by compressing it to a standard HD resolution. This enables you to shoot wider, then crop in afterwards. Not everyone has a 4K enabled TV, but they will be the norm within a few years.

Editing like a PRO

The key to editing is enjoying it. So have fun whilst editing, otherwise, it’ll show in the final edit. When editing footage, apply colour effects and go for a film look. Only colour grade to rectify mistakes and get the ideal look. Doing it right reduces any back-and-forth between you and your client.

B-Roll is an Asset

Plenty of b-roll saves your life in the edit and creates a more engaging video. So shoot the venue before the event starts, those reception tables before they get ruined, and that cake tower before it gets yummed up.

For practical tips on how to shoot wedding video, from the equipment to use to the shots you need to take, read more here. With practice, you will get the hang of it.