Why Are Wedding Photographers On The Expensive Side?

A lot of couples would usually think that investing on a wedding photographer is not necessary as surely, there will be a lot of people taking photos of their wedding during the event, and they can easily grab those photos. However, what they do not understand is that professional wedding photographers similar to Luminosity Studios Cairns take way better photos with the correct lighting and angle, and they capture even the smallest detail you would not think are important. But why are wedding photographers expensive?

They invested money in their service

Usually, they would take photography classes to enhance their skills. These classes will teach them a lot of camera tricks from framing, angling and look for the best time to take the picture. Also, these classes will teach them about which cameras are best to use and other accessories to enhance the photos. Others prefer to learn on their own. So they invest their time in reading photography articles and watching videos on the internet. Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are also a great place to learn from.

Aside from learning the art of taking pictures, they also invest a lot in their cameras and its accessories. Lastly, they invest in a good editing application since photography is not only about taking the right pictures, it also needs enhancement which can easily be done via editing applications like Photoshop and the like.

They’re always with you throughout the wedding

Taking pictures during the wedding is not an easy task. A photographer needs to keep your eyes open to everything, from the bride and the groom to their parents and even their guests. You need to make sure to capture their reactions. Photographers would usually stick around the bride and the groom as this day is all about them, but they would also take the time to walk around and take photos of the guests. The job does not end after the wedding ceremony since there is still the reception where the party happens. Most often, photographers get paid by the hour since some weddings take longer compared to others.

Their job doesn’t end after the wedding day

If you think that after your wedding, a photographer’s job is already done. In most cases, it is not. Since after the wedding, the photographer needs to go through all the photos, eliminate the unwanted ones like blurry photos and the like, and slowly go through the process of editing each photo. Some photos need cropping, colour enhancement and other professional editing aspects. Editing one picture may take some time, and photographers do not usually take less than a hundred photos during the event which means he would go through so many pictures and make sure they all turn out to look nice. This task takes more than one day. So the work does not end after the wedding, it goes on days or sometimes even weeks after the big day.

People usually think taking photos is easy; anyone can do it as long as they have cameras on their hand. But what they do not know is that a great picture needs good photography and editing skills. So if you think that getting a wedding photographer is not necessary, you should think twice, or you’ll end up having not so good photos on your big day.