What Should You Know Before Booking Your Videographer?

Videographers are those who combine the eyes of movie directors and skills of documentary filmmakers to capture the spirit or shape the story during your wedding day. Since there are many options available, it is important to consider all factors before making a decision. Here are a few things to consider.

Viewing vibe

Firstly, you need to ask yourselves how the video should feel. Will you want it to be documentary or cinematic? This decision will determine other important decisions such as the videographer that you hire and important requirements for editing or filing. But do not feel like you must commit to only one style because most modern videographers can combine both styles in their finish products.

Camera cues

There are basically 2 kinds of cameras for shooting videos, including analogue and DV. These days, the latter option is widely used because it can produce pristine, crisp footages with flawless retention of the skin tone and colour. Also, these models are considerably small and compact, could handle light better, thus allowing for better quality videos.

Tag team

There are many companies which provide both videography and photography services. In addition to ensuring a cohesive appearance to the final products, this approach can also bring many other benefits. People from the same team, for example, will have a better understanding of each other and might get in touch easily when they need help or have any questions. It is also simpler for you since you just have to work with only one vendor. Another advantage is that photos taken by photographers during the event could be easily and quickly included in the video.

Sound bites

The one who wears the microphone can vary. During a ceremony in the church, for example, a wireless microphone is often given to the groom, and if space is large and has a lot of echoes, it is advisable to use one on the podium. What if your event is organised outdoors? In that case, everyone should be equipped with microphones, including the musicians, readers, and groom. Fortunately, many cameras could record sounds from more than 8 microphones at the same time.


It is up to you to decide which combination of content will be included in the video. Want to have every minute the ceremony? That isn’t an issue. Also, you could include home videos or photos of you growing up together or during pre-wedding activities, behind-the-scenes moments, environmental elements, and other post-wedding events.

Preview option

Once the videographer has completed the filming, he or she might send the wix raw footages to you for previewing before editing starts. This is extremely important as the videographer does not know exactly who or what is most important to you. During the event, for example, a videographer might only select the most interesting scenes while you would want more from your friends.